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Me. Writing music the hard way.

Here are all the songs available, listed in alphabetical order.  Click the song title for lyrics, information, scores and audio demos.

  • “Alphabetical Order” here means the way a computer sees it, e.g., “The”  at the beginning of a title puts the song under the letter “t” … which is just… so…. wrong. **sigh**
  • If you want to find a title quickly, ctrl+f (or command+f on a Mac)  is a great little combination. (It’s just a quick and easy way to start a page search, but as of last year, 90% of internet users didn’t know how to use it. Here’s an interesting article: “I can’t believe I’ve been wasting my life!”)
  • To download multiple PDF scores without the bother of going from page to page, try this list of PDF Files.  Every PDF on the site is listed and linked there–scores, translations, programs, sugar cookie recipes… ;)
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