Praise to the Lord (Cantata)


“Praise to the Lord” is an hour-long cantata celebrating our Savior, Jesus Christ. This program is voiced for SSAATTBB, soloists and piano, with optional scores included for organ, flute, oboe (or other treble C-instrument), and cello.  This is a somewhat challenging program, but our local non-auditioned group pulled it off nicely in 2011 and 2013.

Note: Most of the cello score includes only those passages where the cello needs to play a specific part; for some songs, the cello part simply mirrors the bass line of the song. The cellist may also follow the bass line in the organ score for other passages as desired.

There are five narrators for the program. Narrators 1 and 2 have most of the spoken parts.
Narrator 2 sings solo sections in “Because He Spoke to Me” and “The Prodigal.”
Narrator 3 is the mother of the child soloist in “A Place in His Arms.”
Narrator 4 is a soloist with one spoken passage preceding “His Tears Were Mine.”
Narrator 5 is a soloist with one spoken passage preceding “He is There.”

PDF Downloads

Piano/Choir score (The pianist and choir read from this score, and since the conductor’s score is unwieldy and ugly, chances are you’ll want to conduct from this one.)

Organ score (Optional. The organ plays the voice parts most of the time, and the difficulty is about the level of standard hymns.)

Flute score (Optional)
Oboe score (Optional)
Cello score (Optional)
(All three instrumental scores are optional, but you’ll miss them if they’re not there. )

Conductor’s Score (Like all conductor’s scores… unwieldy, long, too many page turns. Use this for reference.)

Narration text
Lyrics (.doc file)
Congregational verse

Personal Composer Downloads

These are .zip files containing .pc files. Use these to transpose or resize the scores with the Personal Composer demo found here.

Piano/Choir scores
Organ scores
Flute scores
Oboe scores
Cello scores
Conductor’s Scores

Congregational verse (single .pc file)

Audio and Individual Songs:
All titles included in the cantata are listed below. Linked titles are available as separate scores. If a title is not linked, it is only available by downloading the complete program.

Most of these have audio demos available. Performers’ interpretations may differ from the printed score. I have included two audio tracks that are piano only–“Upon the Altar” (crucifixion) and “The Stone is Rolled Away” (resurrection). Hopefully those will be helpful to you in learning those particular songs.

Blessed be the Holy Name of Jesus (Choir)

Praise to the Lord (introduction)

Anthem of Praise

God Will Provide a Lamb (Solo vocalist)
God Will Provide a Lamb (Choir)

Lying in a Manger

Because He Spoke to Me

A Place in His Arms

The Prodigal

His Tears Were Mine

Upon the Altar (Choir–recording begins several beats into the score)

Upon the Altar (Piano only)

The Stone is Rolled Away

He is There

Praise to the Lord-Finale (Choir)

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    We are learning this in our Stake (Calgary, AB) for a cantata the last weekend of May and first weekend in June. It is beautiful. When we sang the “God Will Provide A Lamb” the first time, I couldn’t sing. I was trying to control the :'(. Thank you for sharing your talents.



    Sally, your music is absolutely beautiful! You are so generous with your talents. Thank you, thank you!


    When I was Stake choir director (6-7 years ago) – it seems we received a message that scripted programs should not be used for Sacrament programs… I’m in a new ward and was just called as choir director and this would be so nice to do for Christmas. Do you know anything about that?


      The LDS handbook regarding Sacrament meetings says, “If a musical program is presented, it should be simple, reverent, and short enough to allow a spoken message.” This program is somewhat difficult, and too long for a standard Sacrament meeting–it’s much more suitable for evening programs. 🙂 Good luck in your choir calling!


    Thank you very much for allowing so many to feel the spirit through your beautiful music. I was blessed to conduct a stake choir last year, performing Jesus, The Very Thought of Thee. I would very much like to have our choir perform Praise To The Lord. I see reference to downloading the complete program but do not find the link. Am I not seeing what is on the site or is it no longer available?

    Thank you and may God bless you for your wonderful talent and sharing it with so many.


      I’m beating the files into shape as I listen to conference over the weekend… still a few to go. It should be up and ready by Friday. Fingers crossed! I need an extra day week in the week! 🙂

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