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In an insightful passage from C.S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters”, the devious Screwtape advises his devilish protégé on how to more effectively steal a man’s soul…
“Do what you will, there is going to be some benevolence, as well as some malice, in your patient’s soul. The great thing is to direct his malice to his immediate neighbors whom he meets every day and to thrust his benevolence out to the remote circumference, to people he does not know. The malice thus becomes wholly real and the benevolence largely imaginary.”
Lewis knew human nature. I remember as a young woman just learning to appreciate the gospel, being filled with a vague, undirected love for “everybody in the whole world.” How strange that I should still be so willing to fight with my own brothers! There were times when I broke my heart over baby seals or saving whales, but forgot to feed my own patient dog. And the list goes on and on.

To learn to direct the charitable feelings that the Spirit prompts within us, and apply our energies where they will be of real use can be a difficult task. I still struggle with it when I read the news and wish I could call down a miracle or a bolt of lightning from heaven to change the world.

I need to stop reading the news and wishing for miracles. I need to be a better visting teacher, a better mother, a better neighbor, a better friend.

Church Music Contest: Relief Society division–Award of Distinction 2000 (SSA version).


Amid the countless blessings the Lord has given me
The light of truth and goodness;
The Holy Spirit’s peace
I see the many sorrows that his children must endure
So much hurt I long to heal.
How can I change the world?

There are hands I cannot hold
Hearts I cannot comfort
Tears that only miracles can stay
So let me love and serve and teach
Those who come within my reach
For miracles begin that way

The Savior walked in Galilee,
unknown in many lands
Yet touching every nation by the labors of his hands
Giving light to all the world by teaching but the few
He is my example in the work that I must do

(Repeat chorus)

I will bear the burden of my neighbor in his need
I will share my Savior’s love in every kindly deed
He will magnify my efforts, and I’ll understand at last
That by these small and simple things
are great things brought to pass.

(Repeat chorus)

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  12 Responses to “Miracles”


    I was planning to use the mp3 audio as an accompaniment to practice with. Our little group really appreciate recordings to practice with. A little disappointed to find they are recorded in a different key to the associated sheet music. I thought my flute was seriously out of tune at first but after using an online tuner discovered I was still sane. Lovely piece of music though and so grateful for your web site. It allows us to bless our Ward with impromptu prelude music to our Sacrament meetings.


      Yes, you’re sane. I leave the key of the recordings up to the soloists, so sometimes they do come out in keys other than the original sheet music. 🙂


    Can I get the SSA for the revised version?


    Perfect song for use in upcoming worship! My church has a missionary coming to visit and share a message at the end of this month, in anticipation of a planned church mission trip in November to Cuba. The music director asked me to do a solo, and I wanted to find one which complimented the theme of the day’s gathering. God bless your gifts and how you put them to use for His glory.


    I am so glad to print out this particular song!!! I am teaching “the work of Latter-Day Saint Women: Unselfish Devotion to This Glorious Cause” Relief Society less this Sunday (12/210 This is the perfect inspirational song!! I only wish I could have you here to sing it so I could give you several hugs and thanks you again, in person for the gift of your music!! I am fine—have just turned 70 and have a hard time believing it!!! I keep in touch with Brian & Kimberly Cowell when we can connect; they live in Georgia now and have a third son, Carter who is 4 years old!! I am in a great ward but still miss many of the people in out “old” Mountain Shadows ward. I think the Michael McLean song “What I Need” describes my life very well.
    How are you??? Dennis??? your children and grandchildren??? I still remember Daniel having lunch with us one day & mixing several flavors of soda until it looked like a glass full of Mud!! I have taken off 105 lb with Weight Watchers; I still have about 70 more pounds to go!!! Let me know if you are coming out this way!! Love Marilyn, 801 569 2732


    I love this song and it has a very special place in my heart. I have boys who live 9 hours away from me and I’m unable to travel to see them. Two of them have alcohol problems. So I pray and try not to worry… Let go and let God… But I also pray that someone could be there for them since I can’t. So when I sing the chorus it’s a prayer for my boys. I take the words seriously and I try my best to live the chorus. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and allowing me to use mine with your songs.


    I’m not member of LDS but everytime I hear this song it moves something in my heart that I want to hug everyone I meet. Great song!


    I heard this number for the first time in our stake Conference today. It was sung by the choir as the opening number and set the spirit for the conference. The theme was Hastening the Work. The words of this song spoke to my soul and eloquently defined the blessings of sharing the gospel with others and allowing the Atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ, to perform miracles in their lives. I have transcribed these words into my iPhone to help me remember to share the gospel with those around me and be an instrument in bringing God’s miracles into their lives. Thank you.


    Dear Sally & to whomever is reading this,
    I can’t thank you enough for keeping this site alive. My husband was Mission Pres. in Greece some years back. It was difficult to get music, especially written in English. One of our missionaries introduced us to this site, and we used it often. Thanks for giving us such inspirational music–and for free! It enriched our experience tremendously. Thanks, so much.
    John & Sandra Ludwig


    I just want you to know how much I appreciate your talents and your willingness to share. With very little money for a budget. IT is so nice to have wonderful music that we can use for our wards. Many blessings to you


    My youth choir sings Miracles in church and this is my favorite song. So simple yet touching, encouraging us to follow Jesus’ example to reach people needs around us. Thank you for the song. God bless you.


    Your music is so inspirational and wonderful. I am so grateful to you for all your contributions, talents and endless hours of service that we may enjoy. I am the ward choir director and have used many of your pieces for our choir. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you.

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