Make Us One

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How shall we stand amid uncertainty?
Where is our comfort in travail?
How shall we walk amid infirmity,
When feeble limbs are worn and frail?
And as we pass through mortal sorrow,
How shall our hearts abide the day?
Where is the strength the soul may borrow?
Teach us thy way.

Make us one, that our burdens may be light
Make us one as we seek eternal life
Unite our hands to serve thy children well
Unite us in obedience to thy will.
Make us one! teach us, Lord, to be
Of one faith, of one heart
One in thee.

Then shall our souls be filled with charity,
Then shall all hate and anger cease
And though we strive amid adversity,
Yet shall we find thy perfect peace
So shall we stand despite our weakness,
So shall our strength be strength enough
We bring our hearts to thee in meekness;
Lord, wilt thou bind them in thy love?

Take from me this heart of stone,
And make it flesh even as thine own
Take from me unfeeling pride;
Teach me compassion; cast my fear aside.
Give us one heart, give us one mind
Lord, make us thine
Oh, make us thine!

The solo and SA versions are one step lower than the others. The accompaniments are interchangeable. You’ll notice that the SA version says “somewhat simplified.” This isn’t an easy song to perform, and proved almost impossible to simplify enough to qualify as really “simplified.”

In the recordings, Heather sings her rendition in the higher key, and her presentation is very classical; James sings his in the lower key, with a more modern feel. The violin in Heather’s rendition plays only the last half of the obbligato.

Church Music Contest: Anthem/Hymn Arrangement division–Award of Distinction 1995
Relief Society division–Award of Distinction 1997

The SSA arrangement of this song was performed at the September 1997 General Women’s Broadcast.

This song is part of the “Come Unto Christ” cantata.

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    What a blessing you are to the world as you share your beautiful gift of music so generously. Many hearts are softened, filled with hope, and directed to the source of love and peace, the Lord, Jesus Christ.
    “Make Us One” is just that kind of song.


    I have the same request (and the same problem downloading the lower version). Would you mind emailing me the transposed version as well so that we can use with our choir? Such a beautiful song that I would really like our choir to try!

    Thank you,



    Hi Sally!

    I have been trying to get a lower version of “Make Us One” for our choir to sing because the original is too high to sing
    for some of our women. I can’t seem to download the lower version or the one that is transposed and for some reason
    my computer doesn’t want to do it so can you send me a lower version of this song to my E-mail address so that I can
    print it out for my choir? I would appreciate any help that you can give me.

    Thanks so much,


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