Lying in a Manger

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Led by angel lullabies
Shepherds, poor and lowly
Linger at the manger-side
Little One, they know thee
God has sent them from the fields
To look upon their Savior
Thou, the Hope of Israel
Lying in a manger

Wise men riding from afar
Hasten to behold thee
Following a beacon star
Little One, they know thee
God will guide them through the night
To seek their newborn Savior
Thou, the Everlasting Light
Lying in a manger

Hear the tidings heaven tells
Peace is come on earth to dwell.
Christ the King, Emmanuel
Lying in a manger

Pure, and perfect; undefiled
Little One, so holy
God thy Father, thou His Child
Little One, we know thee
God has sent thee from on high
To be our Lord and Savior
Thou our Way, our Truth, our Life
Lying in a manger

2010 Christmas Card Carol

It’s always interesting when people ask for “the story” behind a song. Sometimes I can oblige with the kind of thing they’re asking for, and sometimes the story is right there in the song, and nothing more needs to be said. That’s the case with this one. For the story behind this song, you need only read Luke 2 and Matthew 1-2.

SSATTBB… is a lot of letters. If your choir is too small to divide up this way, have the tenors and basses sing the phrases of melody best suited to their ranges in the TTBB section, and have the women sing the melody unison for the SSA section. That will pare the the song down to just SATB. 🙂

The flute score was written for the choral, but it should work with the solo as well.

In the first recording, James works his usual magic. The second recording is by a lovely young woman James introduced to me after meeting her in a competition. Anca Miriam Rus is originally from Transylvania, Romania, and currently lives in Canada. I hope you enjoy her beautiful and unique take on this song.

This song is part of the “Praise to the Lord” cantata.

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    This is beautiful. Thank you and be blessed for sharing


    When you first posted “Lying in a Manger”, you had mentioned that an SATB version was on your to do list. By any chance is that still happening? Possibly in time for this year’s Christmas program?

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