Jesus, Once of Humble Birth (Cantata)


“Jesus, Once of Humble Birth” tells of the Savior’s birth, ministry, death and resurrection, based on the New Testament accounts. This is probably the easiest of the cantatas to perform.It lasts about 45 minutes, and is voiced for full choir, accompanied by piano and optional flute or violin. It includes solos for one soprano and one baritone.

The titles included in the cantata are listed below. Linked titles are available separately. If a title is not linked, it is only available by downloading the complete program. A few titles have audio demos available–they are marked with a “*”. The performers’ interpretations may differ from the printed score.

Jesus, Once of Humble Birth
Immanuel, Immanuel* (the SSA arrangement maybe substituted if desired)
From Grace to Grace
Feast on the Word of the Lord
How Great is the Miracle*
Thou Art the Christ
How Like a Lamb
He is Risen from the Dead
My Redeemer Lives
Jesus, Once of Humble Birth


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    Hello Sally,
    I have admired you for your talent and inspiration for some time. (To admire for talent is a given, and I do, believe me, I do!!!!……But inspiration is a huge compliment, because it requires you to be a wonderful, sincere, genuine, and spiritually “in tune” person!) I love your music so much, and am so grateful that you share it freely! It is some of the most beautiful and uplifting music I know!
    Because I love your work, I was curious about you and your life/background, so I looked at your bio and saw that you grew up in the same Stake as I did, at about the same time!!! I know that I am a couple of years older than you because I am a couple of years older than Danny Ainge, and I lived in Springfield, so I don’t think I ever met you. But, what a delight for me to discover this thing I have in common with you!
    Thank you for sharing! I truly love you, without even knowing you! Because I love your music and can feel your spirit, and it lifts and edifies me every time I sing or hear it.
    Thank you for using your precious gift to serve others!!!
    Your unknown friend,
    Debbie (Barnes) Handly


    Hey, Sally! Do you remember the Milpitas First Ward? Ken and I are now Elder and Sister Crane! We are service missionaries on the South Valkey Nut Farm. It fits me perfectly. We are in Wasco. CA, about 20 miles north of Bakersfield. Still love all you have written over the years. I call myself blessed to call you my friend.


      Andrea! So fun to hear from you. 🙂 I remember you were the first person to ever *direct* this cantata… and you were wonderful. Sounds like a perfect mission… maybe I’ll join you!


    Great site. Great cantatas.
    I think it’s time for another Christmas cantata.
    One that has some more traditional Christmas pieces.
    I’ve done all your previous ones, and I love them.
    But its time for another now. Thanks for your great music.
    Member from Jamaica


    Do you write for SAB choir parts….I LOVE your music….??

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