I Stand All Amazed (Cantata)


This hour-long (approximately) cantata tells of Christ’s ministry, the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the last supper, His agony in Gethsemane and subsequent crucifixion, and His resurrection from the dead.

The entire cantata could be performed using just the SATB/piano score, but the contributions of the organ, flutes and violins would definitely be missed. The conductor’s score is a long, cumbersome thing–you probably won’t want to conduct from it.

In 2008 I revised this cantata. I did so because as I read over the narration, I had several of those blush-worthy “what-was-I-thinking?-I’m-so-glad-this-isn’t-being-graded-by-an-English-professor” moments, and because a few score revisions made the entire program easier for the choir. I know that some of you (I’m married to one) don’t like change, but if you’re thinking of trying to wheedle the original scores out of me, don’t bother–you’ll find me very uncooperative.

My recommendation for presenting this cantata is to use a couple of flutes and three or more violins. (I know, I know… just pull them out of a hat or something?) In conjunction with the organ, it provides a full, orchestra-like sound with just a few instruments.

The titles included in the cantata are listed below. Linked titles are available separately. If a title is not linked, it is only available by downloading the complete program. A few titles have audio demos available–they are marked with a “*”. The performers’ interpretations may differ from the printed score.

Who Is This Man?
I Stand All Amazed (Intro)
I Come to Him*
The Greatest Among Us*
Oh Strengthen Me*
The Price Of Mercy
I Stand All Amazed (interlude)
Come and See
The Resurrection and the Life
The Shepherd of My Soul*
I Stand All Amazed*


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    I am the relief society activity coodinator for my ward and we are wanting to do a cantata performance for our April activity. I want to do this but am wondering if it could be done with just women singing as we do not have many men in our ward who are musical.


    I know that you state that this in an hour long cantata. I am hoping to fit it into a Sacrament meeting program. Is there any cuts or adjustments I could make, or should I just ask the Bishop to cut Sunday School short that week? 😉


    Thank you so much for being a blessing to this generation.
    We(ChristianSing Nigeria) have used some of your arrangements in our services and will use “I stand Amazed” during the Easter 2016 service
    God bless you.


    Is the accompaniment track available for this cantata? We sang much of your music and I played for Christmas. I want to sing with my choir for Easter.


    How do I download the whole cantata? I would like to use this for Easter this year but I can’t find the music for “Who is this Man?” or the others that don’t have links and can’t figure out how to download the whole thing?


    Does anyone have a recording of the individual parts for Hosanna? Perhaps a piano plunking out the parts, or even a midi recording?


    Thank you for all of the wonderful music! Is there a way to make the print a little larger? These old eyes of mine are having a hard time seeing they lyrics. I noticed that some of your other music can be made larger.


    In the cantata I Stand All Amazed, you write that you modified it in 2008. I have the original version, and wondered if you could tell me which pieces were changed and which narration was changed please? Thank you!

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