I Am a Child of God (Accompaniment)

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Words: Naomi Ward Randall
Music: Mildred Tanner Pettit

In March of 2014, a video featuring “I Am a Child of God” was shown at the General Women’s Meeting of the LDS Church. The video (linked over there at the right, under “CDs and Other Good Stuff”) features people from around the world singing this song in various languages.

I was asked to provide the arrangement that was used in the video; Dave Zabriskie added orchestration, and the vocals were done by these wonderful church members in various countries.

The sheet music for this consists of a simple melody line, along with the piano arrangement. You can use the music in any of a number of ways:

–As a vocal solo

–As a simple solo for violin or other C instrument. You may need to kick it up or down an octave depending on the instrument.

–As an accompaniment for Primary children.

–As a choir number: give one verse to the men, one to the women, and sing the last verse using the parts in the hymnbook (Hymns, #301).

–Have the congregation join on the last verse. (The organ can join in too, playing the last verse as written in the hymnbook.)

–A combination of the above, or any other way you can think of!

The arrangement was built in increments so it could be adjusted to fit the video. The video omitted measures 1-6 and measures 31-36 of the accompaniment. You may use or omit these as you choose.

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Video from the 2014 General Women’s Meeting of the LDS Church.

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  8 Responses to “I Am a Child of God (Accompaniment)”


    Congratulations, simplemente es un gran arreglo que invita el espíritu, lo usaré en el próximo devocinal de pascua de mi estaca.


    The sheet music is missing 3 measures before measure 58 that are in the recorded accompaniment. Is there somewhere this has been corrected? Love the song. Thanks


    The links above are missing, except the lds.org link. I can see the music at freeldssheetmusic.com, but I was hoping to download the PCDemo copy so I can transpose it. Any chance I can get that? Thank you!


    Thank you for sharing!! This is a wonderful rendition of the ever popular “I am a child of God”. We will teach this arranged hymn in our primary in prep for our upcoming 2014 Stake Conference, the children and piano duet will be a refreshing flavour at conference. Thank you!! Thank you Sally!!


    Thank you so much for this. I was very touched by this arrangement at the conference and came looking for this music to sing with my young family in church soon….they all know all the words to this one without much practice and this accompaniment makes it fresh!


    Hello Sally,

    I am trying to find the sheet music for your wonderful arrangement of I am a Child of God for the 2014 conference. I have gone to the lds website and can not find the sheet music. Can you tell me where I can find it?

    Aura Nielsen

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