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  1. Lolo
    March 3, 2015

    I am doing this song in Choir!


  2. imee
    August 20, 2014

    hi..such a nice song. how can i avail the minus one of this song?


  3. Rose Argumedo
    April 19, 2014

    Dear Sally,
    This morning I heard Becouse He lives on a Duet at my Church, it is beautiful, using your music, when I went to Thanks them for the beautiful they sang,and the great talent God has giving them, I ask when they they get the music and there where they mentioned our name, I never thought that could be a great musition that could share their music, when I got home I went to the computer and start looking for the beautiful song and Thanks God, for you, what a great talent he has giving you, and your big heart, your generosity, your heart full of humbleness, I know the more you give the more you recieve. I love music so much, I like to sing and I like to play, butit is heard sometimes to find the music, but THNAK YOU FOR BEING SO OPEN TO the hold world.
    I wish I could live close from you so, I could take some classes and become a great musition for Parise God, and be a great pianist or organist at church with your music nad sing also.
    May God continue giving you strenght, health, and more wisdom with talent in your music. May Our Great God always BLESS YOU.
    Rose Argumedo


    • Rose Argumedo
      April 19, 2014

      What a great talented woman, humble to open to the hold world, MAy God Bless you. I wisj I could you close f rom you, to learn more, and play, sing for the Lord. May God continue giving you wisdom in your carrier, health and strenght to keep helping others.
      God Bless you always


  4. James
    March 2, 2014

    I am so grateful for your talent. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. It is very humbling to share a song with so such great meaning. He does Live. Thank you for this wonderful song.


  5. Candace
    February 21, 2014

    Dear Sister DeFord, You are an awesome example of Christianity. Your music is so beautiful but your heart even moreso, for sharing your music and encouraging others to do so. I’m a local ward member (not a professional) who happens to have a decent, untrained voice and you have quite literally ‘afforded’ me the opportunity to share your beautiful music with many worship service congregations over the years from Georgia to Alaska. I could seldom afford to buy sheet music but due to your generosity that was never a problem. Thank you for your beautiful work and your wonderful heart!


  6. Lewis
    January 26, 2014

    Any chance of getting a flute sheet music. I’m trying to get it for my brothers missionary home coming


  7. Fredd
    January 14, 2014

    Thank you for providing free music like these.. May God Prosper you more!!


  8. Abraham Kou
    November 30, 2013

    Hi: I am a Chinese American Christian with CCIC (Chinese Christian In Christ) in Cupertino, CA. I came across this hymn some time ago, touched and loved it so much that I wish to try to provide a Chinese translation version for our church choir to sing during worship (non-commercial use). May I win your favor of approval? I hope there is no copy right issue. I also have put these into music sheet form (just like the Finnish and Spanish translation verisons). If you deem necessary, I can e mail to you for your review as well. Please let me know your response at your convenience.

    Thanks you so very much. Abraham

    Below is my attempt:

    1)因衪活著, 墳墓已空衪勝了死亡的權勢,
    2)因衪活著, 懼怕時祂使我的心中得安寜,

    1)我信靠衪全心用我的生命去跟隨, 因衪活著.
    2)在茫茫黑夜裏讓我依靠祂能穩妥, 因衪活著.

    1)因衪活著, 衪賜我力量能勝過罪惡誘惑,
    2)因衪活著, 任何挑戰臨到時我都能承擔,

    1)在狂風大浪時候衪是我的避難所, 因衪活著, 因衪活著.
    2)我所有傷痛祂以恩典憐憫來醫治, 因衪活著, 因衪活著.
    因衪活著, 我在任何風浪中都能穩妥, 衪用大愛的膀臂隨時來扶助,
    因衪活著, 因衪活著 ,
    因衪活著, 衪必除去所有痛楚的陰影,
    所有憂慮衪能使我得釋放, 衪愛手撫摸使我心靈得安慰 , 我知道, 因衪活著 .
    因衪活著, 我能面對眀天,
    因衪活著, 我在光中行,
    因衪活著, 我要讚美主愛,
    因衪活著, 我満有盼望, 因衪活著, 我誠心求祂的義,
    因衪活著, 我跟隨主引領. 因衪活著,我甚致勝過死亡.
    面對明天因衪活著, 因衪活著, 在主內我要高歌讚美衪的名,
    萬分的感恩要衷心向衪訴傾 , 因衪活著,
    因衪活著, 衪必除去所有痛楚的陰影, 所有憂傷衪能使我得釋放,
    衪愛手撫摸使我心靈得安慰, 我知道, 我知道, 因衪活著. 因衪活著.


    • Sally DeFord
      December 3, 2013

      Of course! You are welcome to use anything on the site. All the best with it!


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