Beautiful Savior

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Fair is the sunlight; fair is the moonlight,
And all the stars in heaven above
Jesus shines brighter; Jesus shines purer,
And brings to all the world His love

Fair are the meadows; fair are the woodlands;
Robed in the flowers of blooming spring
Jesus is fairer; Jesus is purer;
He makes the sorrowing spirit sing

Beautiful Savior! Lord of the nations;
Son of God and Son of man
Glory and honor, praise, adoration,
Now and forever more be thine

Traditional words and music, arranged by Sally DeFord

The words to this traditional hymn can be found in many different forms. I have used the version below simply because it is my favorite.

This arrangement calls for piano, organ and flute, and you really do need to use them all–the arrangement loses most of its interest if even one of the parts is missing. The organ score is about the difficulty of a typical hymn. The piano accompaniments for the SSA and SSATB versions are virtually identical, and the same organ and flute scores are used for both. The master score contains the SSATB vocal parts, not the SSA..

For the recording, Heather sings from the SSA score, but some liberties are taken with the presence or absence of the harmonies.

Church Music Submission: Relief Society division–Award of Merit 2005 (SSA version)

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MP3: Vocals by Heather Prusse

  11 Responses to “Beautiful Savior”


    Hello. I am wondering if I can get the mp3 download for beautiful Savior with vocals and without. We do not have a piano player for church and so I will need to play it on a cd. I cannot figure out how to download the mp3…


    I love this hymn….Thank you


    Can anyone provide any direction for organ registration for this piece? I’m not great on the organ and don’t have a lot of experience doing registration so any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


    A group of 6 women sang your lovely SSA arrangement accompanied by flute and piano at our Sunday service. It was well received and a blessing to sing. Thanks you so much for the music!


    Hi – I just wanted to say that we are Lutheran Church in Minneapolis (Berea Lutheran). We have used a couple of your songs in our worship services throughout the years. However – THIS piece “Beautiful Savior” – is an absolute favorite. I don’t think there is a dry eye in the congregation when it is finished – people are truly touched by it’s beauty. Thank you so much for offering this piece to the world – you have a true gift. We are looking forward to using this special piece as part of the installation service for our new pastor in a couple weeks. Thanks again!


    I am hoping for a trio or quartet French Horn ensemble of Beautiful Savior. Anywhere between the key of D up to the key of G would be wonderful. I am not clever about the transposition software. I was looking to see if an SSAA version was already out there. I love your arrangements and writing. Thank you for the music,


    Hello. My name is Yelca, I am from chile. I conduct the stake choir and, in 3 week more, we will have our stake conference. I thank in Beautifull Savior like a special number of choir, but I need the music sheet in spanish (Sublime Salvador) and this web page say “service unavailable”.
    Is possible that you send me a copy of arragment of this music in spanish (instrumental part, acompaiment part, SSA, SATB and full score), please?
    (I can pay the sheet music if is necesary).
    Sorry for my bad english.


      I have a question regarding #3. Yelca from Chile. Were you able to give her a spanish translation? We are a branch in Borrego Springs, CA and we have both Spanish and English. Usually the missionaries translate for the talks and testimonies of the hispanic in the branch but our Branch Pres. also speaks spanish and can translate either spanish to english or english to spanish. It’s interesting. None of them have any musical background and without knowing anything about music I hesitate to ask them to translate it. Anyway, the Relief Society wanted to sing Beautiful Savior for Easter (yes it’s late,but….) and to include the hispanic women we need the translation of the words to spanish. Can you help? Or can you give me somewhere to find the translation of the words? Thank you so much for your music and wonderful spirit! Sue Blanchard


    Can you make a cello score for this song?

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