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Baby in a manger ‘ere the break of day
Baby in a manger sleeping on the hay
Hear the angels singing, joyful at thy birth
“Gloria! Gloria! Peace on earth.”

Baby in a manger, legions gather nigh
Heaven’s song re-echoes ‘neath the starry sky
Hear the angels singing, joyful at thy birth
“Gloria! Gloria! Peace on earth.”

Baby in a manger, heaven’s host proclaims,
“This is the Messiah! Jesus is His name.”
Hear the angels singing, joyful at thy birth
“Gloria! Gloria! Peace on earth.”

2007 Christmas Card Carol

This extremely simple little Christmas lullaby was written for my first grandson, Damien, when he was just two weeks old. He appreciated it then–babies like music–and I’m sure he’ll appreciate it when he’s 50 or so. In between, well…

In this arrangement, I gave the melody to the altos all the way through–a natural consequence of practicing “Still, Still, Still” as an alto and nearly dying of boredom.

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    MP3: Vocals by Denise Pearce

      9 Responses to “Baby In a Manger”


      Heard this for the first time sung by the Primary at a ward party. It was beautiful. The children knew all 3 verses equally well and sang like angels. When I talked to the accompanist after, she told me they just love it. Would recommend it to anybody.

      Thank you, Sally for making such a beautiful song available to us.


      Hi Sally, I love your music and have performed various pieces with my choir. For Baby in a Manger I have a German translation. You can use it, if you want to.


      Kindlein in der Wiege, alles macht es neu
      Kindlein in der Wiege, schläft im warmen Heu
      Hört die Engel singen, freudig gute Mär:
      „Gloria! Gloria! Fried auf Erd.“

      Kindlein in der Wiege, einigt diese Welt
      Himmelsklang ertönet unterm Sternenzelt
      Hört die Engel singen, freudig gute Mär:
      „Gloria! Gloria! Fried auf Erd.“

      Kindlein in der Wiege, hört der Kunde Klang,
      „Das ist der Messias! Jesus ist sein Nam“
      Hört die Engel singen, freudig gute Mär:
      „Gloria! Gloria! Fried auf Erd.“


      Please help me find the notes fir this song Baby in a manger . I have the lyrics . My students are going to sing this song in the church before Christmas . I have been searching for the notes . If someone can help me.


      Hi Sally,

      Thank you for sharing all your beautiful music. My three girls (11,10 & 8) sang your Baby In A Manger in three part harmony this Christmas. I have loved hearing your music fill my home. Thank you for your kindness and talent. Merry Christmas.
      – Louisa


      My daughter wants to sing this by herself at a school choir concert next week. Is there anyway to get a MP3 version of the song with accompaniment and Denise Pearce singing the background parts only. Kind of like a Karaoke CD. My daughter sounds a little plain singing just with the accompaniment alone and needs someone to do the other part with her. Is this a track of music you have and would be willing to share. Please let us know soon. You can email me at Thanks!


      Thank you so much for this beautiful song. I have loved Still, Still, Still growing up and this song’s Alto part moves me as that song has. So wonderful. I am excited to have my primary sing it.


      Thank you for this beautiful song. I was listening to it on the computer, and trying to decide if I wanted to have the primary kids learn it, when my 8 year old suddenly appeared next to me, and excitedly asked if we were going to sing it in primary. There is a power in it that grabs you from the first line. They want to sing it all year long.


      Thank you for your lovely spirit singing through your music. I am grateful for the opportunity to use the beautiful musical paintings you share.

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