Jan 012015

Another year, another set of statistics. My site stats always surprise me. Nothing goes viral, nothing makes a big splash, and yet the end of the year numbers always leave me scratching my head. For instance:

October Calendar SmallIt would appear that there were 600,000 or so unique human beings out there who dropped in to visit 5.5 million pages.

Sundays were the biggest days as you might expect, the busiest one logging 30,000 visitors.

The Christmas season usually scores the most traffic, but this year October actually beat out December as the busiest month. (Could this possibly mean we’re actually preparing Christmas music in advance? Nah….)

Cat and mouseThe most downloaded songs for the year were: “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” “Oh Holy Night,” “If the Savior Stood Beside Me,” “Be Still, My Soul,” and “A Believer’s Prayer.”

All told, the mouse clicks added up to 2.6 terrabytes of data transfer for the year. (I still haven’t wrapped my head around exactly what a gigabyte is… don’t ask me to explain what something 1024 times as big might be… ;) )

What do all these useless numbers mean to me? Well, simply this: it blesses my life to know that so many of you out there love the Lord. It makes me feel like a part of a huge, wonderful, unseen community who know and love the Savior.

Thank you for that. Thank you for helping me to know that in a world of noise and confusion and violence and unhappiness, there are so many of you out there who know where peace and surety and happiness and love are found.

Wishing you a wonderful, blessed 2015!

Dec 102014

Until further notice, the Personal Composer Demo may be downloaded here: PERSONAL COMPOSER DEMO This is an .exe file. I do not know how your computer will respond to the attempt to download an executable, or what dire warnings it may give you. Happy transposing. I hope. Share this!

Dec 092014

Here’s a sample track from a new release called “Noel” by Mattie June Millward. She recorded five of my songs/arrangements, featuring guitar by Clive Romney: O Come, O Come Emmanuel; A Manger Filled With Love; It Came Upon the Midnight Clear; Peace, Peace, Peace; and As Shepherds Kept Their Lonely Vigil. I’m just loving this [Read More...]

Dec 082014
Jackman Music 2-for-1 Sale, Dec. 11, 2014

Just wanted to make sure you all are aware of Jackman Music’s buy-one-get-one-free sale, this Thursday, December 11. You have to buy multiples of two to get the sale price. This is a great time to stock up for the new year. Happy shopping! Share this!

Nov 292014

In General Conference, October 2014, the Tabernacle Choir presented a lovely rendition of “If I Listen With My Heart,” arranged by associate director Ryan Murphy. Ryan has generously made the score available here so you can use it in your own choir. Here’s the performance from October: This version is deceptively simple. A friend in [Read More...]

Nov 172014
All Tied Up With a Bow

You know that amazing feeling when you actually manage to finish something? Not just sorta finish, with a few loose ends that you’ll get to… um… eventually. I mean really finish? The last few scores and page updates for my Christmas album with Allyse Smith Taylor are DONE. Fertig. Terminado. Acabado. Gotowy. 完成した. (All translations [Read More...]

Sep 262014

…I came up with a Christmas Card Carol, alas, too late to post the score. So here it is as the first offering of the Christmas barrage that is about to begin. It’s called “Star of Wonder,” and it’s set for vocal solo only, with optional violin obbligato. The recording includes vocals by James Loynes, [Read More...]

Aug 292014

‘Bout time eh? I’ve been immersed in Christmas music for the past few months, working on a new album with Allyse Smith Taylor. There will be some old favorites as well as some new things on it. It should be ready in a month-ish… I hope… so in the meantime… Here’s a song called “The [Read More...]

Jul 032014

…a new compilation CD. That I finally finished. Hallelujah. It’s called “He is My Song,” and here’s a list of what’s on the disk, with links to the song pages and a description of the new material that’s been added: Be Still, My Soul (James Loynes) The Lord is My Shepherd (Heather Prusse) This is [Read More...]

Jun 162014

It didn’t quite seem fair to post this on Father’s Day because even though it’s about my dear old dad, it made me laugh at his expense, so I figured I’d save it for the day after. I received an interesting e-mail from one of you awhile back, though maybe “amusing” would be a better [Read More...]

Jun 142014
Poetic Tendencies?

If you’re a poet wanna-be like I am, here’s a great little resource called Rhymedesk. Very cool. Enjoy! Share this!

May 112014

I think that for this Mother’s Day (in the US at least) I could not do better than to re-post a poem written for me by my daughter Holly. Is there a mother in the world who wouldn’t melt at having such a thing written for her? Quite often I look at my babies, And [Read More...]

May 052014

In the August 2010 edition of the Ensign magazine, a lovely hymn titled “Come Home” appeared. We used it in our ward choir, and I liked it well enough that when the composer, Michael Moody, suggested that I arrange it for choral anthem, I was thrilled at the prospect. Since Heather and I were working [Read More...]

Apr 072014
Video Fun and Games

The last couple of projects I’ve worked on have dealt with the visual arts. Let me help you to understand the irony of this. I drew an avocado once, for an art class in high school. It even somewhat resembled an avocado. I have been so proud of this achievement all my life that I [Read More...]

Feb 072014

This post is going to be boring, informational, boring, instructive, boring, hopefully helpful… and did I mention boring? Unless, of course, you want more detailed information on transposing scores using the personal composer demo. Which a lot of you do seem to want. Soooo… hold on to your seats, and away we go… First, a [Read More...]

Jan 192014

Last May, this song happened: “Only Love.” Last May? Yeah, it really was that long ago. I wrote this song in collaboration with Josh Weed, who has become one of my favorite people. Josh gives his take here on how we came to write it together. I’ll admit this collaboration was a leap of faith. [Read More...]

Dec 302013
Simply beautiful

A couple of weeks ago this lovely CD showed up in my mailbox. It came to me because three of my arrangements are included on it: “Be Still My Soul,” “I Need Thee Every Hour,” and “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing.” The artist on this disk is Sara Noel Bauman, an extremely talented violinist, [Read More...]

Dec 032013

Well, not exactly silent, but definitely a treat. Several years ago, my brother learned American Sign Language after a surgery damaged his vocal cords and he could no longer speak. The voice loss, fortunately, lasted only a couple of years, but his love for ASL was permanent. His love for the language–though not his proficiency!–rubbed [Read More...]

Dec 012013
'Tis the Season

One of the greatest things about self-publishing is that you can write Christmas music any time you like. For example, during the Christmas season. One of the worst things about self-publishing is that you tend to write Christmas music at the wrong time of year to be useful. For example, during the Christmas season. Case [Read More...]

Nov 292013
Another beautiful voice

Perhaps you’ve seen some of the macro pictures of snowflakes that float around the internet. (Like these… taken with a DIY camera setup.) The beauty and variety are amazing. They also look a bit unreal, don’t they? Like something you’d find made of acrylic hanging on a Christmas tree. I think the beauty and variety [Read More...]