About the Composer

Half of me.One of the things I’ve discovered as I’ve grown up (?) is that I’m rather predictable. I like to stay at home; I would rather watch a favorite old movie than try a new one I might hate; my idea of the perfect vacation is taking the phone off the hook for a week and watching my garden grow.

Now, don’t pity me–boring is comfortable. It does, however, make it difficult to think of things to tell about myself. So here are a few less-than-serious things that might not send you to sleep on the spot. If you’re interested, read on. If not, be thankful browsers come with “back” buttons.

~ Sally DeFord
Two of me.I was born, as one publisher wrote on a flyleaf, "a long time ago." He then proceeded to give the date. Which I shall not do.

The great event took place in Eugene, Oregon, where people rust instead of tanning. I currently live in Colorado Springs, where people fry instead of tanning. (We average 250 sunny days a year. Drop in and bring your sunscreen.)

I’ve been married to the best man in the world (who just keeps getting better) since 1979. Dennis and I met at BYU, got married, had kids… and that’s when my real education started. We have four children, and now the baby is all grown up.

My earliest musical training included watching Lawrence Welk with my grandmother, and listening to her practice on the accordion.

Grandpa and his banjo. I'm in the crib.Grandpa used to sing me to sleep accompanied by his banjo. Quite a cultured heritage I’ve got! (Yes, I was born in black and white. Cameras had just been invented.)

I was in Sunbeam class with Danny Ainge, who occasionally had to be restrained from climbing out the window. (I suppose that means I’m old enough to retire–from the NBA anyway.) I was also in freshman music theory with Kurt Bestor, who never did try to climb out the window. (Those are my only claims to fame. Pitiful.)

I love sports–as a spectator. I live in snow country and have never been snow skiing. (How do you spell chicken?) I’m still a true-blue Cougar fan. For awhile I was a jinx of the worst kind, since every time we attended a bowl game, the Cougars lost spectacularly. We broke the jinx, however, by driving to a bowl game in a snow storm, sleeping in the car on the freeway for 5 hours while a jack-knifed tractor-trailer rig was towed off, and showing up at the game too bleary-eyed to see straight. Hey, if that’s what it takes…

Sally DeFord Fall 2012Sally DeFord casual with short brown hair in 2008
If you need a high-resolution picture for posters or programs, here are a couple to choose from. They don’t look much like me these days, but getting pictures taken is not exactly my favorite pass-time (understatement of the year), so they’ll have to do for now.

Me from Christmas snapshot 2012 Actually I look more like
<--- this at the moment,
Though I prefer this look. —>
Yzma Santa