Dec 012016

New this time: a congregational accompaniment for “The First Noel.”

It’s been awhile since I did one of these because… to tell the truth, they’re kinda boring to write. You have to stick exactly to the harmonies in the original hymn so your accompaniment doesn’t clash with the voices. They’re designed to bulk up the sound of the organ accompaniment, so they’re a bit… well… bulky, and there’s very little finesse involved. (You’ll notice there are no dynamics included–congregations don’t really follow those.) Aaaaand while I’m slogging away at stock harmonies, new ideas come along like squirrels to lead me away from my task into (temporarily) forbidden paths. Ah well, it’s done, and my reward shall be to follow one of those tempting squirrels to it’s eventual destination.

There’s no recording for this one–just the scores. The arrangement is for organ and 4-hand piano. The individual parts are very simple and should be easy to play.

Gallileo and CDs.The DeFord Music staff would like to wish you and yours a happy Christmas season. My newest assistant checked the books and found that we have covered all our site expenses for the year, so for the month of December, all available CDs are $2.50. He advises me that though they are interesting, they are not edible and therefore highly disappointing. My bad. 😉

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    Thank you Sally for all your giving and talents galore!! … As a choir director is my ward, I am grateful for the beautiful music that we are able to sing because of you. My favorite thing to say after they sing one of your beautiful songs is that “If Sally were here, she would be proud!!” so Thanks again!


    Sally, your genius never fails to astound me! It is such an inspiration to know that someone would magnify her God-given talents to the extent you do, and that you would share the fruits so generously. You are spreading the Spirit all around the world, and we love you for it. Thank you ever so much!

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