Oct 172015
There is something in each day that can bring gratitude and joy if only we will see and appreciate it.”
Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Last year I determined that for all of 2015 I would write and arrange only songs that expressed gratitude. Music that asked for nothing, and gave thanks for the really wonderful things in my life. Except for a few assignments (which don’t count!) I am happy to say, I succeeded. Focusing on being thankful has been a great blessing to me during what has turned out to be a rather challenging year. The most important thing I learned by doing this?

If you want to be happy, be grateful.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the first installment of this Deluge of Gratitude.

First up is an arrangement called “Hymn of Grateful Praise.” It sets the lyrics of “For the Beauty of the Earth” to the old tune “Scarborough Fair.” with a bit of the traditional melody thrown into the violin obbligato. There are versions for solo voice and for SSAATBB choir. Here’s a recording with vocals by James Loynes and violin by Jana Hanni. Usually I post an audio track here, but this time I’m going to use the YouTube video as the demo because it includes some gorgeous photography by my friend Jeff Carter. Take a look at more of his beautiful work here: www.jlcfoto.com.

Next, we have a new duet titled “The Song of Our Hearts.” For this track, James is joined by Tj Pini, a relative newcomer to the site. (You may have listened to her on this version of “Come, Thou Fount…“) Here’s their recording:

Tj is from right here in beautiful Colorado. She has also done a gorgeous recording of “Only Love” which isn’t technically a part of the gratitude project, but it’s sooooo lovely I just have to share it here:

The last track for today is called “All Creation Speaks His Name,” again with vocals by James Loynes and violin by Jana Hanni. It’s available for solo voice and for SAB choir.

The three new songs above (as well as 9 others–some new, some updated and re-arranged, and two existing tracks that just seemed to fit) are available on a new album called “Hymn of Grateful Praise,” with vocals by James Loynes, joined on duets by Tj Pini and by Heather Prusse, with Jana Hanni and Sarah Crowther on violin. It’s available on physical CD, by free download on the song pages, or as high quality downloads from iTunes, Amazon, or CDBaby. In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, the physical CDs are available for $2.50 each through the end of November.

Here’s the album as an MP3 playlist:

Next up: A text inspired by Joseph Fielding Smith, and this cheeky composer tackles Handel.

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    I just had the opportunity to direct a Temple Workers Choir of 100 voices.
    We performed your arrangement of “I Stand All Amazed”. It was a great.
    The choir performed it magnificently! Thank you SO much.
    Dale Hall – Mesa AZ


    Absolutely beautiful!!! Touched my heart! Thank you so much for sharing!!


    Thank you for your generously shared and beautiful music


    Sally, these songs are beautiful. Congratulations! I loved what you said, “if you want to be happy, be greatful.” Those words ring true with me too and I have a blog called…. If you want 2 be happy. Could I return the favor of your being so kind, taking your time, to find the Christmas Sacrament Meeting Program I had submitted and lost track of recently, by posting your newsletter post about your new songs of gratitude, on my blog? It would get the word out to my readers, as well as be so perfectly in keeping with the purpose of my blog, sharing ways for people to be happy. Let me know what you think.


    You just made my day! I love your compositions and 3 new ones today is awesome 🙂

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