Jun 212015

…or mediocre one, as the case may be, there’s a support staff without whom the magic wouldn’t happen.

Papa as a youngster

Happy Father’s Day to the boy who won my heart back in the day…

...who helped raise the kids...

…who helped raise the kids…

Papa and Gloria

…and the dogs…

I love my support staff.

Without him, nothing happens here.
I love my support staff.

  6 Responses to “Behind every good songwriter…”


    Thank God for His many blessings, great or small. You are indeed blessed.


    He will be so deeply blessed as you have been and will continue to be.


    What a gifted song writer you are & so giving to share your music for free….I have enjoyed playing on piano & organ the music that you have written…I love mostly the Piano Solos, a few of my favorites are “If the Savior Stood Beside Me” & How gentle God’s commands….Thank you, Thank you from a musician of 55 years & the sharing of my talents in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints…


    How about I send you my song, words-music, which needs a tune-up? You make it right. Thanks.


    Wonderful -this is a man who truly admires and respects his wife’s entrepreneurial nature – and the fact that she’s a very good musician.


    How awesome. What a tribute to your husband. What a talent you have. Thank you for all of your sharing and all the beautiful music you have created.

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