Apr 252015

I’ve had a beef with Google since “searches in quotes” stopped working… not to mention searches that require the inclusion of +certain +terms and the exclusion of -other -terms.

However, they hit one out of the park this last week. “Mobilegeddon” has struck, courtesy of the erstwhile-best-but-now-mediocre search engine we all know and used to love.

You see, if you do not have a “mobile friendly” site, you are now website-non-grata in the Google search world. I know this because of the e-mails I’ve gotten telling me so… over and over and over and over and…

Honestly. Who doesn’t just use the desktop site and push and pinch it into view as they please? And how do I cram the nearly 300 pages of content (which are already overflowing) on this desktop site into a 3-inch screen? Is that really what my site users want?


Alas, Google knows better than I, and so there is now a mobile version of defordmusic.com. It’s ugly and it’s barely usable. It is, in a word, stupid and terrible and ridiculous. (Wait, that was three words. Whatever.) I have spent the better part of the day trying to conform to the arbitrary standards imposed on the denizens of the WWW, which are certain to change again tomorrow, but hey.. what’s a wasted day or two out of a lifetime?

I’ll work on formatting a few of the worst pages so they show up better on mobiles. I guess I really should do that anyway. **looks sheepish** In the meantime, if you happen to stumble into this mobile morass and want a way out, just head to the bottom of the screen, click “Desktop” and you’ll have access again to the site as it ought to be.