Dec 102014
Until further notice, the Personal Composer Demo may be downloaded here:
This is an .exe file. I do not know how your computer will respond to the attempt to download an executable, or what dire warnings it may give you.
Happy transposing. I hope.

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    im looking for the DOS version of personal composer by jim miller – can anyone help me find it?
    if so find me on my site – thanks


    In 1995, it’s possible for me to using the personal composer. After to have ro replace my PC, I’m not able to use the personal coposer. Mister Norman James wase a person for help me in the past.

    I want bying a smal version of them. I’m not a professionnel, but I’m help a community in wrignting the music with a religious melodie.

    Is it possible for you to help me with that please ?

    Thank You.

    Augustin Girard Mail:


    I just want to thank you so much for your gift of music that you share. This Christmas Sacrament our choir in little Sweet, Idaho have been working on two of your numbers: The Star of Bethlehem and On a Still and Starry night. In addition I will open with The Most Beautiful Story That’s Ever Been told and I have one of our young men singing Star of Wonder with a flute obbligato…what can I say? I love your key change signature and your work. Thank you so much for the gift that you give me and others.
    This December 21st you will be with our Ward in spirit and mind…at least with what mind I have left!!! hohoho


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