Nov 292014

In General Conference, October 2014, the Tabernacle Choir presented a lovely rendition of “If I Listen With My Heart,” arranged by associate director Ryan Murphy. Ryan has generously made the score available here so you can use it in your own choir. Here’s the performance from October:

This version is deceptively simple. A friend in the choir mentioned that because of the intervals and breath control, it was more difficult to learn than it appeared. You might want to schedule a couple of extra weeks to work on it. 🙂

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    I love it, makes me cry & feel emotional, inspires me to love & live as he would want me to….


    This song was so beautiful. I can’t wait to begin learning it and introducing it to my church. Thank you.


    Such a peaceful rendition. So welcome in this busy day of mine. thank you.


    Beautiful piece.


    Sally DeFord is a gifted musician whose music is inspired. I loved learning this song in Primary! I loved hearing the Tabernacle Choir sing this arrangement. It blessed me. I hope it will bless you, too!

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