Nov 292014

In General Conference, October 2014, the Tabernacle Choir presented a lovely rendition of “If I Listen With My Heart,” arranged by associate director Ryan Murphy. Ryan has generously made the score available here so you can use it in your own choir. Here’s the performance from October:

This version is deceptively simple. A friend in the choir mentioned that because of the intervals and breath control, it was more difficult to learn than it appeared. You might want to schedule a couple of extra weeks to work on it. 🙂

Nov 172014

You know that amazing feeling when you actually manage to finish something? Not just sorta finish, with a few loose ends that you’ll get to… um… eventually. I mean really finish?

The last few scores and page updates for my Christmas album with Allyse Smith Taylor are DONE. Fertig. Terminado. Acabado. Gotowy. 完成した. (All translations provided by Google… so I might have missed.)

Not all the new things are huge this time, but since there are are several of them, I’ll just do them list-style. In addition to new recordings for each of these…

Yzma New YearDid I meet my self-imposed deadline for all of these? Nope. But done is done, any way you want to say it, and I feel like a party is in order.

Next up: The recent SATB rendition of “If I Listen With My Heart” done by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir during LDS General Conference, courtesy of associate director Ryan Murphy. This will have to wait until I recover from all this excessive celebration, so look for it after Thanksgiving.

*Just a note on the guitar chords: I generally don’t do guitar chords. I don’t play guitar, and every time I add guitar chords to a song, the guitarists I know tell me I’ve used the wrong form of the chord, or that they would have done it differently, or that I’ve put in something nonexistent or… or… or… It *is* true that you can express complex chords in different ways, and apparently the way I choose is the wrong way. Every. Time. For this song I’ve used the simplest possible form of each chord. If you guitarists out there want to write in something else, feel free. Just don’t tell me about it. 😉