Oct 312014

This is week three of the Christmas Music Deluge. I just realized (with a self-congratulatory smirk) that I have, so far, been able to meet my goal of one update per week until finished. We’ll see if that new leaf stays turned.

Todays additions:

In the Bleak Midwinter“–a new setting of the beautiful old traditional hymn, with words by Christina Rossetti and melody by Gustav Holst:

The arrangement is available for SSAA and SSATB. Ohhhhh this one was fun fun fun to arrange!


When the Son of God Was Born“–a new accompaniment and obbligato for Alto/Baritone duet.

Both of these settings have obbligatos contributed by the amazing April Moriarty.

As always, all these tracks may be downloaded free in 128kbps MP3 format from the individual song pages. If you want higher-quality files, or the CD (with it’s really Christmassy artwork!)…

The album containing these and other Christmas recordings is available from CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and all sorts of other places I can’t keep track of. It’s also available on CD, and through tomorrow, it’s on sale for $2.50 per copy.

Filed under “Look What I Found…” If you’d like to hear what the choral version of “When the Son of God Was Born” can sound like, here’s a gorgeous rendition in Polish by the Wyższobramski Chór Kameralny, directed by Piotr Sikora.

Next up: New accompaniments, and cello and violin obbligatos for the remaining tracks. And then… a long winter’s nap. 😉

One quick final note…I’ve noticed that SoundCloud’s players are behaving badly in older versions of MSIE. If you can’t see the players above, you may want to update your browser. Or try Chrome. 🙂

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    Thank you for your beautiful music and generous spirit!
    I would like our YW to sing Midwinter for our Christmas party. It has a nice violin part, and we have a couple violinists. But we also have a couple flutists and a cellist. Is there an easy way for us to pick out some of the piano accompaniment to give to flutes and a cello?


    This song, “When the Son of God Was Born” is so beautiful & the Polish Choir does it justice! Thank you for sharing your beautiful music. I’m just getting started writing music & could use some suggestions. I’d like to know how you got started & how to go about getting my music out there.

    Our church choir sings many of your beautiful songs & I love play your accompaniments as choir accompanist. Thank you.

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