Oct 182014

And it’s only October! How does *that* happen? 😉

This year’s carol, “On a Still and Starry Night,” is available as an easy hymn-style one-pager, or as a vocal solo or SATB anthem, both with violin obbligato. There’s also a new vocal/flute duet, “The First Noel,” based on the piano solo I arranged years ago. (You see? I really do respond to requests. It just takes me a decade or two.)

On a Still and Starry Night CDBoth these songs and 11 others have been recorded by the lovely and talented Allyse Smith Taylor, and are available on a new CD titled “On a Still and Starry Night.”

As usual, you can download the 128kbps files free from the individual song pages, or get the high-bitrate files from CDBaby or iTunes. There is also an accompaniment tracks version available both from CDBaby or iTunes. (If you prefer, these also find their way onto Amazon… eventually.)

The album is also available on CD, and as a Merry Christmas from us to you, until November 1, you can get the “On a Still and Starry Night” CD with vocals by Allyse Smith Taylor for $2.50 per copy, plus shipping.

Here is “On a Still and Starry Night.”

Available on CD: “On a Still and Starry Night” (All CDS)
Violin by April Moriarty

And here is “The First Noel.”

Available on CD: “On a Still and Starry Night” (All CDS)
Flute by Anne Lauritzen

Next up, hopefully within the week, are arrangements of “Gesu, Bambino” and a duet setting of “Born to Wear a Crown.”

  7 Responses to “On a Still and Starry Night (my 2014 Christmas Card Carol) and The First Noel”


    Being blessed with such a talent must be reward enough without the tithing discount.
    I am another very grateful musician who admires your music and your generosity.


    Thank you so much. You have written so many beautiful and inspiring songs, and I admire so much your talent and your willingness to share them so selflessly.


    I absolutely LOVE this song and would like our ward choir to be able to sing it for Christmas program. I ordered both the CD and accomp, but I would really like to be able to download all the pages for the sheet music. Will I be getting a sheet music with my CD order?


    There are many songs of yours that my daughter and I sing (sometimes my son as well), but a lot are SSA, and we have trouble adding another person…. I cannot wait for a duet for “Born To Wear A Crown”!! I have wanted to sing it, but for that other person we would have to get….


    What a gift you are to all of us lowly choir directors trying to give our congregations a MoTab experience! Your amazing arrangements and compositions give us such joy as we sing of the Savior and His love for us! And then you offer it for free. Do you get a discount on tithing

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