Sep 262014

…I came up with a Christmas Card Carol, alas, too late to post the score. So here it is as the first offering of the Christmas barrage that is about to begin. It’s called “Star of Wonder,” and it’s set for vocal solo only, with optional violin obbligato. The recording includes vocals by James Loynes, and violin by Sarah Crowther.

Here’s a YouTube video–just lyrics as the song goes along.

Be proud of me though… this year’s Christmas Card Carol is already finished, along with a couple of other new things. They’re part of an album I’m working on with Allyse Smith Taylor that will be out in a couple of weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with the world. I have been put in charge of our ward Party Christmas Program this year and I have been looking for just the right song to sum it all up – our theme it taken from the church theme “Light the World” and this is perfect to have my husband sing at the end of the program. Will provide such a great way to have to have people ponder the “Light of the World”. Thank you!!!


    Sally Uyou are doing an Amazing job for the Glory of thy name. My daughters are regularly singing your songs in our Carols. Thanks for the Accompaniment & music score , etc…. GOD Bless U abundantly.


    Beautiful as usual Sally


    this song is nice … i hope for the many songs next time ๐Ÿ™‚


    What an amazing song and beautiful song. How would I get the sheet music and lyrics for our Christmas Sacrament Presentation for 2015. I am searching for Easter and came across Star Wonder. Now I want to start planning for Christmas also.

    I can’t stop listening to this beautiful song. Thank You ever so much….BarbT


    how do I post a scorecor audio file here


    a piece I wrote nothing as greqt as sally’s lol


    Gorgeous! I have a student who I’d love to have sing this as as solo for our Christmas concert.


    Thank you for the beautiful music you compose and share with the world. This song is AMAZING, WOW, I had to share it with everyone. I cannot sing a note, but my husband and two sons all have beautiful voices. I am the chorister for Primary in our ward. I love to sing and share my testimony and hear the children’s testimonies in music and in their words. I love sharing my testimony through singing. I’m so glad that you do too. Please keep up the awesome work that you do……..Lyn

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