Aug 292014

‘Bout time eh? 🙂

I’ve been immersed in Christmas music for the past few months, working on a new album with Allyse Smith Taylor. There will be some old favorites as well as some new things on it. It should be ready in a month-ish… I hope… so in the meantime…

Here’s a song called “The Hands That First Held Mary’s Child” that I’ve just fallen in love with. Have a listen:

You can get the SATB here, among other places. There are other voicings available, including SSA and TTBB (They have a lovely sound file for this one).


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    Our choir has sung this the past 2 Christmases, it is one of my all time favorites. Unfortunately, our cello player passed away 2 weeks after last Christmas as the result of an accident so we won’t be doing it this year. Love your music and all you do to make the job of us church musicians easier.


    A couple of weeks ago I sang your song, “The Painters Hand”, in our sacrament meeting. I had many people tell me, how the spirit was felt from this song. The words are inspiring. I have loved learning it.

    Thanks for writing and sharing it with all of us
    Marlene. Washington, Utah

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