May 112014

I think that for this Mother’s Day (in the US at least) I could not do better than to re-post a poem written for me by my daughter Holly. Is there a mother in the world who wouldn’t melt at having such a thing written for her?

      Quite often I look at my babies,
      And notice the features we share.
      Could I choose just what they’d inherit
      This would be my sincerest prayer:

      To witness creation’s magic
      And the pain a brother hides
      To shed the tears of compassion
      Give them my mother’s eyes.

      To offer the lonely friendship
      To patiently fill life’s demands
      To gracefully carry their burdens
      Give them my mother’s hands

      That they may always speak kindly
      Sing praises to Him and rejoice
      Share truth and hope with all nations
      Give them my mother’s voice

      Let them accept, love and welcome
      Let them learn the great Master’s art
      Give them charity, courage and passion
      Give them my mother’s heart.

      (Holly DeFord Wilson, from “Only Fools Are Positive“)

    I’m thinking that with a few little tweaks, that sounds like next year’s Mother’s Day song. Ya think? 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day!

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    That is beautiful, sounds like Holly got her Mothers amazing way with words. Thanks for sharing!


    I would love to see that in a song. One of my favorite songs is ‘His Hands’. This reminds me of a similar ‘version’ but with the Touch of a Mother’s hands,eyes, voice and heart. What a wonderful gift you have given your daughter…your masterful talent of the arts through music and poetry! Thank you, Sally, for sharing your talents with us!


    This is so beautiful. Sally, your kids are truly gifted and have been blessed with you and Dennis as such amazing parents. Thanks for sharing this!


    As I’m reading the poem, I’m wondering how long it will be before it is a song. I can already imagine it in my head. Cant wait! Beautiful!!!


    Yes, I agree. Just reading the words made me cry! I can imagine putting it to song would be magical.


    Well, you must be very happy to know that your God-given talent will last through another generation. It’s a lovely poem, very cleverly crafted. I would love to hear it as a song. Keep us posted. Thank you, as always, for sharing your gift.


    Yes it does sound like next year’s Mother’s Day song! Can’t wait to hear it! I accompanied and a man sang “An Angel to Watch Over Me” today for Mother’s Day in Sacrament Meeting. And I had it sung at my mom’s funeral 3 years ago today. Thank you for your beautiful music and for generously sharing it.


    I think this would make a beautiful song.I would love to do it next year if available. Thanks Sally for ALL the beautiful songs go to sight.

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