May 112014

I think that for this Mother’s Day (in the US at least) I could not do better than to re-post a poem written for me by my daughter Holly. Is there a mother in the world who wouldn’t melt at having such a thing written for her?

      Quite often I look at my babies,
      And notice the features we share.
      Could I choose just what they’d inherit
      This would be my sincerest prayer:

      To witness creation’s magic
      And the pain a brother hides
      To shed the tears of compassion
      Give them my mother’s eyes.

      To offer the lonely friendship
      To patiently fill life’s demands
      To gracefully carry their burdens
      Give them my mother’s hands

      That they may always speak kindly
      Sing praises to Him and rejoice
      Share truth and hope with all nations
      Give them my mother’s voice

      Let them accept, love and welcome
      Let them learn the great Master’s art
      Give them charity, courage and passion
      Give them my mother’s heart.

      (Holly DeFord Wilson, from “Only Fools Are Positive“)

    I’m thinking that with a few little tweaks, that sounds like next year’s Mother’s Day song. Ya think? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Mother’s Day!

May 052014

In the August 2010 edition of the Ensign magazine, a lovely hymn titled “Come Home” appeared. We used it in our ward choir, and I liked it well enough that when the composer, Michael Moody, suggested that I arrange it for choral anthem, I was thrilled at the prospect. Since Heather and I were working on a project at the time, I also arranged it for solo with equal-voice harmony, and we included it on the “Reaching for the Light” album.

Here’s the result:

The title is suggestive of music that might be appropriate for a funeral, and while the lyrics would certainly be suitable for that use, the broader message of the song is simply a warm invitation to each of us to return to our Heavenly Father, to live forever with Him as an eternal family.

Scores for the arrangements of “Come Home” are available for SATB choir or for solo with optional equal-voice harmony. There is also a separate score for the obbligatos.