Jan 192014

Last May, this song happened: “Only Love.” Last May? Yeah, it really was that long ago.

I wrote this song in collaboration with Josh Weed, who has become one of my favorite people. Josh gives his take here on how we came to write it together. I’ll admit this collaboration was a leap of faith. I don’t do a lot of collaborations, and when I do, it’s usually not with total strangers whose musical ability is a total unknown. After several nudges from the Spirit though, I realized that if I ever wanted to sleep again I would have to listen and obey. So I did.

Josh found it odd and amusing; I found it odd and terrifying. Fortunately, the Lord knew precisely what He was doing. He always does, even when we don’t.

In retrospect, I’m glad I listened, even if I felt mildly insane for considering it. The Lord always has his reasons when He guides us into unknown paths, and in this case I can now clearly see some of those reasons. Undoubtedly not all of them. I learned a lot from Josh and his lovely wife Lolly, and I felt when we finished that we had said what the Lord wanted us to say.

One of the things Josh wanted to do when we finished was to host a vocal competition so we could hear others singing it, giving each rendition a unique character and voice of its own. And so, at last, the semi-finalists in the competition have been selected. (No, I wasn’t involved in the selection. I’m too soft. It would inevitably end in a tie. )

If you would like to weigh in on the voting, see Josh’s blog entry here. The poll is on the upper right sidebar, and voting ends tonight at midnight. I’ll be posting the top three here on the site so others can hear them too.

Happy Sunday!