Dec 032013

Well, not exactly silent, but definitely a treat.

Several years ago, my brother learned American Sign Language after a surgery damaged his vocal cords and he could no longer speak. The voice loss, fortunately, lasted only a couple of years, but his love for ASL was permanent. His love for the language–though not his proficiency!–rubbed off on me. I think ASL (and it’s counterparts in other countries) renders some of the most beautiful and touching musical performances I have ever seen.

About a month ago, Susan Layton, an actress and ASL performer, contacted me for permission to use my arrangement of “Silent Night” in a video she was producing. I was delighted to agree, and the finished video is just too beautiful keep to myself. She pulled together lovely vocals (performed by Stacie Wiese, accompanied by Sarah Spangler), a sweet concept, and a touching, artistic interpretation. Here’s the result:

What a beautiful performance. Thank you Susan!

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    Thank you–such beautiful music for the ears and the eyes!!

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