Nov 182013
Awhile back my husband came home at lunch time and casually asked me, “So, what have you been up to this morning? Anything interesting?”

“No,” I said, “Same old same old.”

And then I started thinking about what I actually had been doing that morning. I had listened from my cozy little computer room in Colorado (via Skype) to the wonderful Mr. James Loynes 5,000 miles away in England as he sang through a new song I was working on (spoiled rotten, I am!); I had looked through a whole new set of digital pictures (uploaded to Facebook) of my grandbabies in California; I had uploaded a new score to my website which was promptly downloaded by fine musicians in any number of countries I have never seen; and I had had a lovely chat with a new friend–a choir director in Poland.

No, nothing interesting at all. Same old same old. It’s an amazing and awe-inspiring world we live in, isn’t it?

Here’s what prompted the reminiscence of that particular day. This week, Piotr Sikora (the previously-mentioned choir director in Poland) sent me this lovely recording of “When the Son of God was Born” (in Polish), from an album he and his choir (Wyższobramski Chór Kameralny) are just finishing up:

I just had to share… what a gorgeous sound this choir has! They are producing the album to raise funds for the restoration of the beautiful old organ there in the Kościół Jezusowy (Jesus Church) in Cieszyn. (You can read more about it here.)

If you’re interested in listening to more from this wonderful choir, here’s their YouTube channel.

Happy Monday!

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    That was just beautiful! I hope they can raise the money they need.

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