Oct 122013
Last night was a landmark for me… I actually finished something. Something big. And complicated. And boy am I patting myself on the back!

The Praise to the Lord Cantata page has been a placeholder for (oh my… **blushes**…) two years(!) while I struggled to keep up with life. Last night I finished formatting the last score and converting the last file. It’s finally available in its entirety. That means…

The SATB version of “Lying in a Manger” is also available. Many of you have written asking me when it would be posted, and it’s finally ready for you. (BTW, I have begun to dread questions that contain the word “When…?” ) It’s actually SSATTBB… but you can omit the harmonies in the TTBB and SSA sections to make it a simpler SATB.

Abraham and Isaac prepare to travel to Moriah

This is a story that affects me emotionally in a lot of ways.

It also means that another of the songs from Heather’s lovely project, “Reaching for the Light,” is now uploaded and available. This song is also from the aforementioned cantata, and is called “God Will Provide a Lamb.”

Since I was old enough to read, I have been particularly affected by the story of Abraham when he was commanded to sacrifice his son, Isaac. I remember sitting on my mother’s bed with an old, old, old red-letter edition of the Bible, reading the story and looking at the full-page color plate that faced the scriptural page. (The picture was much less gentle than the one at the left!)

It wasn’t until much later that I recognized the event for what it was: a real-life “parable” about the sacrifice that Jesus Christ would make for them, and that He has made for me.

This song describes that real-life “parable.”

Here’s Heather Prusse singing the track, beautifully as usual:

The song is available in both SATB, and low- to medium-voice solo.

Happy Sunday!

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    Lovely song. Just want you to know that all of the sheet music you provide for God Will Provide a Lamb begins in D major except for the flute part which is in Eb. My flautist could transpose, but some who use this music may not. It’s an easy problem to fix with Finale. My soloist practiced with Heather’s recording (gorgeous!) which is also in Eb, but had trouble making the shift on Sunday morning to D. Perhaps you should begin all the parts in Eb. Thanks for such great work. It enriches my congregation.


    My all-time favorite cantata. What an accomplishment. Sounds like the sharpies came just in time to celebrate. ; )

    You’re an inspiration to us all.

    : )


      Great we are performing a few pieces composed by you for our Christmas Carol service scheduled on 15 Dec. I am the conductor of the choir and desire to include this piece.


    It would be nice to be able to see the music and hear the recording at the same time. Any chance that can be worked out for this website? Thanks. –C


    Wonderful. You are a blessed vessel of our Master. Thanks for sharing His gift with us. God bless you and may He give you more and more blessings.


    Very lovely! Thank you for sharing your great gift, touching us and teaching these precious truths.
    You have appreciative brothers and sisters here in our small southern Minnesota Ward (Faribault)!
    Yes, and we so appreciate the FREE downloads. On a tiny budget, we are able to do some
    very fine arrangements We love them — and you — for your part in our musical and spiritual lives.

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