Sep 162013

Here, for your Monday entertainment, is a cover of my arrangement of “Be Still, My Soul,” recorded by Jenna Jackman Handy. She takes a lot of liberties with the melody… okay, scratch that… the melody is practically her own, and it suits her voice perfectly.

I know one or two of you are wondering… do I like this? I. Love. It. I love to hear people’s musical interpretations, whatever style they use, but more than that, I love to hear people sing their hearts out. Like Jenna does. Fabulous!

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    oh my goodness Jenna, such a gift our heavenly father gave you! I cant wait to sing in sacrament together sometime, thats if you’ll let me sing by you!


    Awesome job Jenna! We’re so thrilled with your talent!


    That is very nice! Lovely voice.


    That WAS cool. Beautiful.

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