Jun 072013
Daniel DeFord Imp Extraordinaire

My son the philosopher.

A long time ago, when my son Daniel was four or five years old, in a fit of temper he looked at his older sister and said, “Amy, GET A LIFE!!!.” Then he added the statement that has become a regular part of the DeFord Family Lexicon:

“I have a life, but it’s stupid.”

So… I updated this pretty little website. I put all my streamed audio on Soundclick, using their Flash-based players so I wouldn’t have to sell my soul to pay for bandwidth. (Soundclick costs me a pretty penny, but only a pretty penny… not a pretty bazillion dollars.) I finished it all up and…

***drum roll***

It would appear that Adobe has simply stopped providing Flash to all mobile devices. (You computer gurus out there, yeah, you knew that. It’s what I get for not playing “Keeping Up With the Internet Roulette” in my rare free moments.)

So until I change all the players to something non-Flash-based, any of you using newer (Android 4+) mobile devices or iPads/iPhones/iWhatevers will find that the streaming audio may be uncooperative. Until I get the players changed out, here’s a workaround if streaming doesn’t work for you: use the links under the “Free MP3s” tab. Click, right-click or control+click the link to save the file to your device, listen away, then delete the file when you’re finished or keep it if you want it.

Comfy chair. Which I need.

This. I need this.

In the meantime, I will be subbing in new player code that is accessible without Flash. I will be doing this for approximately 180 pages. I will sleep when I can no longer see straight, propped up in front of my keyboard, and I will end up permanently bent into the shape of a computer chair.

I had nothing else to do anyway. “I have a life… but it’s stupid.” 😉

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    You’re a good lady. That’s all there is to it. Thanks!

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