May 282013
“If we could look into each other’s hearts and understand the unique challenges each of us faces, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance, and care.”
~Marvin J. Ashton
Here’s something to warm your heart–the story of a young girl who was bullied by her classmates, and the young men who stepped forward to prevent it. If you haven’t heard the story (or even if you have!) take five minutes to watch the video–it will make your day.
“Angels in Disguise”
So many people in this old world desperately need to see evidence of the love of God in the actions of their fellow men and women. Sometimes the challenges they face are apparent; sometimes they are brought to our attention by a parent or friend; and sometimes they are invisible, hidden away in hearts too fragile to share.
“…in the quiet heart is hidden sorrow that the eye can’t see.”
~Susan Evans McCloud, from the hymn “Lord, I Would Follow Thee

The new song this time is called “Only Love,” written for solo voice in a medium range. The title of the song is an imperative, much like the commandments the Savior said are the greatest in the law: love God and love His children. Love is a choice. If it were not so, how could the Lord command us to do it? And how different would the world be if each one of us would only choose to love, to act in accordance with these two great commandments in every situation, in every moment of our lives?

Imagine what could happen in today’s world… if each of us would vow to cherish, watch over, and comfort one another. Imagine the possibilities!
~Marvin J. Ashton

The lyrics were co-written with my friend Josh Weed. He and his lovely wife Laurel came all the way from Seattle one weekend so Josh could sing the demo track. When he stepped into my little makeshift studio he had no idea what a relentless taskmaster I turn into under headphones, but he was a good sport about it, and did a great job on the vocals. If you’d like to record your own version of this song, check out Josh’s post here for details on a contest he’s hosting. 😉

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    “Only Love” captures the spirit of the first two commandments and delivers them to the hearer with such emotion. It reaches the heart and inspires. Thanks again, Sally DeFord. You are an amazing talent. I love your compositions and arrangements. Wish I could hear the music that you hear out there in the atmosphere.


    Dear Sally; Thanks for this beautiful music….I know you will be happy to know that the boys are now on their missions..,.Tucker, our grandson is serving in the Uganda Kampala Mission and arrived in Ethiopia last Friday. They are all wonderful boys!! Chy and her parents have taught us so many lessons – and you will also be happy to know that Chy was baptized just before the boys left on their missions. Her parents have been great about bringing Chy to each special event the boys have had – a huge undertaking for them – because there were tons of events going on…I’m very thankful for you and Josh and your wonderful abilities – and for you so generously sharing with all of us!


      Marilee, I think this relationship is one of the loveliest things to ever go viral. I appreciate so much seeing the example of ordinary, humble people being Christian without fanfare. (I’m also glad the news picked it up, or we’d never have gotten to hear about it!) Both the boys and Chy and her family have been so good and kind to each other, it’s an inspiration to all of us and teaches us how to treat each other.


    The first time Tucker Workman came to visit his Great-grandparents & his “Auntie, I knew he was special. His attitude was positive, he was so helpful to all of us and such a kind and playful brother to his other siblings.
    Over the years we have grown to love him more and more and not once has he ever caused us to change our opinion. Now serving a Mission in far off Uganda, I know he will be a great inspiration to everyone he meets.


      What a great young man, and the service he provides in Uganda will only make him better.

      (Editor’s note: if you haven’t watched the video… do it now! 😉 Tucker is the first young man introduced.)


    I found this song via Josh Weed’s blog, and especially liked it – both the music and the lyrics. I wanted to say thank you for writing it. It’s been a treat this evening to print out a copy and I can’t wait to share it with my girlfriend and family members. My mother-in-law and I especially like your music. I love that they are easy enough for me to play – but beautiful, and easy to enjoy. 😉 Thank you for sharing your talent (and for listening to the Spirit – like collaborating on this song, and so forth). Thank you. ♥


    What a deeply moving video. How refreshing to see a group of fine young men with a social conscience and a sense of responsibility toward their fellow human beings. Instead of being governed by their egos they go against the norm of self-centredness and self-indulgence and choose to lift up others in need. Wow!!!
    God Bless them on their journey.

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