May 092013

There have been quite a few things in the pipeline for more than a year now, waiting for me to have five minutes free to actually post them. Since it really is about time, here are a couple of them:

Jacosa Limutau
The first is a new accompaniment for “It Was for Me,” which is actually the first serious song I attempted, oh so many years ago. The accompaniment has bothered me for years, so I arranged it anew and I think I may like it better. (Time will tell–it always does.) Jacosa Limutau‘s gorgeous vocals were set to the original, but I’ve remixed it to include the new accompaniment.

Sarah Crowther
The other is a new solo version of “My Sister’s Hands.” I re-did this one for my friend Sarah Crowther to sing. You may have heard how amazing she is on violin, so I thought you should hear hear lovely voice as well. I think I like this accompaniment better too, but… ditto. 😉

Impatient Music Figure
Quite a few other songs and arrangements are drumming their fingers, tapping their feet, and sighing impatiently in queue, so updates will probably be a bit more frequent for awhile, lest they get fed up and mutiny.

Happy Thursday!

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