Apr 132013

What site changes do.…to say the least.

Pushing the button to change from my old site to this new one is… well… remember this Far Side comic strip? The one with the switch on the armrest of an airplane seat? The one with the switch marked “Wings Fall Off?”

Here’s hoping the wings don’t fall off.

If we’re still airborne, welcome to the new site!

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    Thank you for providing such wonderfully inspiring songs! I found such refreshment at your site that I hastened to pass this music on to my church choirs. And they are so happy to sing these pieces. Wish I could send you a photo of their faces as they first realised what joy was in their hands…


    I like the new design, thanks by the way. is very convenient and enjoyable. thank you very much for your great effort that is a
    Blessing. God bless you. Saludos desde México.


    at first hand I was shocked for not seeing the older web site. But the new sometimes scares us… But It’s beautiful and the pics are so funny, and cute!


    I really like your new site. The pictures are pretty cute too!

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