May 102010
Amy Dress 1
Well, sewing is not my favorite thing to do, and I have no vanity about it whatsoever. Still, it was gratifying to know my daughter trusted me enough to have me do it, and even more gratifying to have a couple of tourists stop to take pictures of her in it. So here’s the creation I worried, worked, fussed and even bled over. I did not swear, however sorely I was tempted.
Either the wind was blowing mightily, or that —–> was some kiss.
Amy Dress 2
May 012010

So we have a wedding this coming week. Amy is marrying Jake Pettigrew on Thursday, and we’re very happy for them. They seem perfect for each other. Amy wanted some very specific design elements for her wedding dress, so I ended up sewing it for her, even though I’m not a great seamstress. Fortunately the miles of lace trim covering all the seams has saved me by covering most of the flaws.

As for the title of this post, well…

10 yards=

a) 30 feet
b) a first down
c) the length of lace trim I sewed around the hem of said wedding dress
d) all of the above

Yep, it really is 30 feet around the circumference of the skirt hem. Amazing. I’ll post some pictures later in the week.