Apr 052010

As you might expect, our annual Easter cantata was this weekend, and everyone did soooo so well. This year we used harp and flute, which added some nice variety. The choir was really “on” last night in particular–it felt very much like they were an instrument and I was doing the playing as I directed. That’s a cool feeling.

General Conference was lovely yesterday. I haven’t heard ANY of Saturday’s sessions yet (I’m glad the audio is available already!), since Amy was home for just the one day and we had to go…. wedding shopping.

Amy and Jake are getting married May 6, and Saturday was the only day we’ll have together until the week or so before the wedding. Since I’m sewing the top of the dress (we bought the skirt) we had to find patterns (it took three to get what she wanted), sew a muslin mockup, then buy fabric and trim… all in one day. Good thing we’re pretty laid back about it all or we might have just… exploded.

So maybe this isn’t significant in the middle of everything else, but Saturday afternoon we stopped at B&R (which I think contributed to the laid-back-ness of the wedding shopping) and I tried their Premium Churned Light Raspberry Chip , which I’d never had before. MMMMMMMMMMmmmm!!!! Gotta remember that one.

I have a couple of new things in the works musically. I’ll probably post a new song dedicated to dads this week–hopefully in time if anyone wants it for Father’s Day in June.

Last bit of trivia… filed in a category called “Thing That Make You Go “Hmmm.”

Yesterday a sidebar on one of the news sites caught my eye. It said, “Healthy Chocolate Cupcakes–Get the recipe for this good-for-you dessert!”

It’s a novel concept: a chocolate cake recipe using… beets. Okay, I’ll bite. But wait! If you look even casually at the recipe, you see that it calls for 2 cups of butter, 1/2 cup of oil, 2 1/2 cups of granulated sugar, and a pound of XXX sugar. All in about 12 servings.

And it’s healthy! (I read it on the internet, so I know it’s so.)

Who knew that beets were so magical? If a can and a half of beets cancel out that much fat and sugar, sign me up as a bona fide Beet Fanatic! 😉

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