Aug 102009

…though it’s not a winter’s day. Here in Seaside (where Holly and Kyle and Damien live) it’s supposed to be summer, but it’s not exactly warm. Kyle is studying at the Defense Language Institute, and they live on beautiful Fort Ord. If you’ve ever been to Fort Ord, you’ll know just how TIC that comment is!

Damien is nearly two, and along with being Terminally Cute, he’s practicing for the Terrible Twos. His parents will have to endure that–I just get to enjoy the cute. Grandmothers have it so good. Yesterday before Church he tangled with a PBJ. He eventually won, but the PBJ put up a good fight. This picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

Let’s see… since last time I wrote anything of substance here, I spent a week in Utah with Allyse Smith Taylor, working on her next album. One of the highlights was getting to meet her family and staying with her wonderful grandparents. Grandma makes a mean omlette… Allyse’s mom sent in lunch a couple of days… I got to know Kneader’s fairly well (mmm… good thing they don’t have those in Colorado yet)… Dan Carlisle at Soularium studios keeps a well-stocked candy dish in the control room… in short… the whole week revolved around food, and unfortunately the aftermath is still haunting me.

I was hoping to be of some use in helping Allyse with Snow, but I’m not sure I was worth my board in that respect. It was fun to meet Dan and Jared at Soularium, Sam Payne, April Moriarty, Daron Bradford… fun to reconnect with Marvin Goldstein. Allyse’s album should be out shortly, and the tracks really are lovely.

James and Francesca Loynes came over from England so James could do a couple of duets with Allyse, then they came on to Colorado to spend the next month with us. We recorded the tracks for James’ next CD, and spent the remainder of the time playing silly games, sightseeing, and planning our trip over to England in September.

One highlight of their visit was July 4… Independence Day… and to honor, er… honour the occasion, they regaled me with our national anthem. It was something quite out of the ordinary to hear “…and the rockets’ red glare… the bombs bursting in air…” done in proper British accents by singers costumed for the occasion… a red, white and blue tiara, bow tie, socks… I have pictures, but I think I’ll let James decide whether or not to post one lest I leave myself open to retaliation.

They also cooked us up a proper English feast (complete with… goose fat?!) one Sunday–Allyse and Spencer and Snow came down for it. I know the British are accused of doing bland food, but this was marvelous. Taking them back to the airport in July was rather melancholy. That’s the problem with visits… they always seem to end somehow, and you have to go back to real life.

Musically, the long and short of all this is… I have a whole fistful of new scores to post, in the unlikely even that I ever get them finished. (Okay, I’ll get them finished… but it’s taking forever.) I’ll probably start adding them one at a time over the next few weeks–makes the updates much easier than doing it all at once.

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