May 172009

…is a good rule to follow. My to-do list is baffling my brain… so pick just ONE thing and do it, right? My calendar is making me cry, but I can only live ONE minute at a time, so just go with what’s there, right? So, in the face of tiling my downstairs bathroom, cleaning carpets, weeding gardens… I picked ONE thing: “Update Blog.” Heh… lazy.

Lots of fun miscellany at the moment (well, fun for ME anyway!)… to begin with… *****drum roll******* my grandson is now officially a member of the Primary Nursery! His mommy and daddy might actually get to hear a lesson or two on Sundays. Okay, I knew you were just dying to see a picture of him, yes?? You’re welcome. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Funny, I could have sworn footballs were shaped differently.

Daniel, my youngest, graduates from High School on Friday. His last day of Early Morning Seminary (a before-school scripture study class for which he leaves home around 5:30 a.m.) is Tuesday. This marks the end of an era for the DeFord household–15 straight years of Seminary. Wow. Can’t say I’ll miss that time of day much. At the Choral department awards night this past week, he received the “Outstanding Senior” award in his a cappella group–an all male ensemble called the “Inflatable Misconceptions.” Here’s a picture of my Daniel at the zoo awhile back.

A bit blurry, but sooo in character.

In the music world… I spent a couple of days last week with Allyse Smith Taylor and Marvin Goldstein, working through a dozen or so arrangements for Allyse’s next project. Allyse has quickly become one of my favorite people in the world–having her so close (Denver) is a blessing–and her new baby Snow (perfect name for a Rocky Mountain baby!) is just beautiful. We had a good time trying to stay on task. Marvin is great for funny stories, and between us I think we crammed a couple of hours worth of work into two days…

We’ll be hitting the studio in June for a week–the CD should be out in August. This is Allyse’s project–she’s doing all the work, all the funding, calling all the shots… I’m just along for the ride. I’ll be posting streaming audio so you can listen to her beautiful renditions when we finish. There will be two brand-spankin-new-never-been-heard-before songs on the album, and I’ll post the scores for download when the recordings are ready. (It’s going to be interesting trying to convince people that they’ll have to wait awhile for Marvin’s piano arrangements… he’s not playing from a score–he just takes the music that’s available and goes to town with it–so his performances will have to be transcribed.)

James Loynes will be singing a couple of duets with her on the album, and after we’re done he and Fran will be coming back to my place… I get to keep them for a month this time! Life is good. ๐Ÿ™‚