Sep 162008

Ah, fall…

My BYU Cougars are now 3-0 after shellacking UCLA 59-0 (yes you read that correctly) on Saturday, in one of the most amazing games I’ve ever watched. You know, I’m really a non-violent person… and football is certainly only semi-controlled violence from beginning to end. Why do I love this game?

A couple weeks ago I had a lovely visit from James and Francesca Loynes, from Southport, UK. We spent two and a half days together, and I only reluctantly agreed to let them leave. It wasn’t really a proper visit… James and I worked most of the time, though Fran indulged herself in the dangerous sport of shopping. But we didn’t see Pike’s Peak or the Garden of the Gods, or anything. Next time!

Unlike the week Heather Prusse spent with me, we had no bulldozers or backhoes to contend with. Everything was very quiet–and we recorded Christmas music to our hearts’ content… a few old things, a few new ones… and oh my, what a voice! I’m mixing tracks over the next couple of weeks, and I’ll get them posted sometime around (hopefully!) the first week of October. We’ll put them on CD as well, so my mother can have the 50 copies she wants… 😉

In the meantime… Wyoming is up next on the football schedule. Poor dears.

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    hi sally…the songs you composed,I loved them….hope u don’t mind me asking about your denomination… are u a Baptist?


    59 to 0, huh? Wow. This is a pretty cool blog BTW. I’m new, as you can see. I’m also a fifth grader. I’m not really that religious, but if I had to pick a religion I guess I would be Christian. Of course, you’re probably wondering why I’m on this website then, right? Well, one of my BFFs is Christian and she’s singing a song called “What Child Is This?” at a hospital next Thursday (May 16), and she asked me to sing it with her. I love doing charity work and volunteering places to help the community, so I of course said yes. It’s now official, and I need the lyrics (I already know the tune; it’s the same as Greensleeves). I was looking and looking, then on a website it said “wrong song? try these links!” I clicked on this one and now I’m here. Anyway, I could not find the song cuz I’m like disabled with computers, so if you can help me with that, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

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