May 142008

Tomorrow I head out to Seaside, CA, to see my adorable Damien and his mommy and daddy. I will try my hardest not to be an obnoxious MIL, but I retain the right to be the most obnoxious, partial, prejudiced grandmother in existence.

I’m leaving all my RS responsibilities behind, and for five glorious days I don’t intend to look back. Perhaps the world will still turn without me. There’s a new song in the wings (I’ll use the flight time to proof the scores and the recording), and a new arrangement (more flight time to transcribe the accompaniment, since I recorded it before I wrote it…), and hopefully it will go up a week or so after I get home. Thank goodness for flight anxiety meds. Yes, I’m an airplane wimp.

My baby boy, who turned 17 on Sunday, thinks he can probably fend for himself while I’m gone. I just don’t know how he’ll cope without me here to need the car and curtail his computer time in favor of homework…