Nov 062008

…I nearly cried for joy because… it’s o v e r!!!! As a registered unaffiliated voter in Colorado, I unwittingly pasted a target on myself. I was precisely the voter they were looking for, and during the weeks preceding the election we were getting seven to 10 political calls a day–recorded messages for the most part, and all annoying. Thank heaven presidential elections are only held every four years.

Whatever you may think of the outcome of this election, I find it a wonderful thing that our country has progressed to the point where candidates of either sex and any race have a legitimate shot at the White House. I just wish the process didn’t foster such rude behavior.

And there you have it… the sum total of my interest in politics. Until next time.

Oct 142008

Holly and Damien will be with me for a week in November and I am over the moon about it. (Kyle has to stay at school, unfortunately.)

I’m sure you’re dying to see him, so here’s my beautiful grandson:

aaaahhhhhhhIs this a future BYU linebacker or what? Holly says he loves to play piano and sing now, and knows two whole notes! A musical linebacker! Oh what a prodigy my grandbaby is!

He’ll be turning one soon, so I’m thinking a birthday celebration is definitely on the agenda.

This past weekend we took Daniel off to a “Y Weekend”–a good excuse to attend the BYU/UNM game where my beloved Cougars became bowl-eligible at 6-0. (No, we didn’t get that third shutout in a row, but in the last four games they’ve allowed a whopping 17 total points… not bad.)

Almost done with the new Christmas things… this week for sure… **crosses fingers**

Sep 272008
Two shutouts in a row… that’s good stuff. BYU 44 WYO 0 (<---zero) . (Last time they had two consecutive shutouts the scores were... ***drum roll*** ...59-0 and 44-0.) I say let's make it three in a row, just for symmetry's sake. Sorry to afflict you with football posts, but hey, 'tis the season. 'Tis also the season for the general RS broadcast. Elder Uchtdorf was beyond fabulous. My favorite quote:
“Don’t let fear of failure discourage you. Don’t let the voice of critics paralyze you—whether that voice comes from the outside or the inside.”
Still mixing James’s Christmas tracks–enjoying myself immensely. They’ll be up in a week or so.
Sep 162008

Ah, fall…

My BYU Cougars are now 3-0 after shellacking UCLA 59-0 (yes you read that correctly) on Saturday, in one of the most amazing games I’ve ever watched. You know, I’m really a non-violent person… and football is certainly only semi-controlled violence from beginning to end. Why do I love this game?

A couple weeks ago I had a lovely visit from James and Francesca Loynes, from Southport, UK. We spent two and a half days together, and I only reluctantly agreed to let them leave. It wasn’t really a proper visit… James and I worked most of the time, though Fran indulged herself in the dangerous sport of shopping. But we didn’t see Pike’s Peak or the Garden of the Gods, or anything. Next time!

Unlike the week Heather Prusse spent with me, we had no bulldozers or backhoes to contend with. Everything was very quiet–and we recorded Christmas music to our hearts’ content… a few old things, a few new ones… and oh my, what a voice! I’m mixing tracks over the next couple of weeks, and I’ll get them posted sometime around (hopefully!) the first week of October. We’ll put them on CD as well, so my mother can have the 50 copies she wants… 😉

In the meantime… Wyoming is up next on the football schedule. Poor dears.

Aug 102008

Remember the old Simon and Garfunkel song, “The Sound of Silence?” (If you do, you’re getting old like me. 😉 It’s a funny thing, but sometimes we seem to be afraid of silence. I wonder why.

We visited my mom’s fast and testimony meeting last week. (If you’re unfamiliar with the term, “fast and testimony” meeting is a once-a-month worship service in the LDS Church, to which we come fasting and the time and mic are open to anyone who wishes to come forward and share their spiritual feelings with the congregation.) There was a lull for a couple of minutes, no extraordinary occurrence… until one nice man felt obliged to stand up because he “hated to see the time go to waste.”

Well, since he was the stake president I didn’t argue the point (if he’d been my stake president it might have been different) but… really. It’s such a wonderful time to feel the spirit, to ponder in a beautiful, somewhat quiet (depending on the kiddies) setting, and I’ve never once felt that such silence was wasted time. Ah well… different strokes I guess.

On a related note. My third daughter, Amy, mentioned the other day that one of her favorite times in church is when it takes longer for the priests to break the bread for the sacrament than it takes for the congregation to sing the sacrament hymn. She absolutely loves sitting quietly, listening to the organist play, and just thinking and feeling. I hadn’t really thought about it, but she’s right. Those are valuable minutes. I hope the organists of the church know what a blessing those minutes are and feel the appreciation Amy and I are sending their way.

May 142008

Tomorrow I head out to Seaside, CA, to see my adorable Damien and his mommy and daddy. I will try my hardest not to be an obnoxious MIL, but I retain the right to be the most obnoxious, partial, prejudiced grandmother in existence.

I’m leaving all my RS responsibilities behind, and for five glorious days I don’t intend to look back. Perhaps the world will still turn without me. There’s a new song in the wings (I’ll use the flight time to proof the scores and the recording), and a new arrangement (more flight time to transcribe the accompaniment, since I recorded it before I wrote it…), and hopefully it will go up a week or so after I get home. Thank goodness for flight anxiety meds. Yes, I’m an airplane wimp.

My baby boy, who turned 17 on Sunday, thinks he can probably fend for himself while I’m gone. I just don’t know how he’ll cope without me here to need the car and curtail his computer time in favor of homework…