Aug 172007

Yesterday was a sad day at our house. Our dog Gloria, who was in her 14th year, had to be euthanized at the vet’s office. She was old, and it was time… but oh my. Dennis had to take her, brave man, since I couldn’t have done it.

I wonder, is love for a pet a good inspiration for music?

Over the years quite a few people have written requesting songs for funerals. It’s not the kind of song I usually write. At my funeral, I don’t want anyone singing about crossing bars–though it’s a lovely poem. I want people to sing my favorite songs. I want a choir (the Tabernacle Choir if you can get them… okay, nevermind) to sing something glorious and grand, something huge and wonderful that fills the available space and shakes you in your seat. I’ll be in the front row, watching your diction and hollering “Blend! Blend!”

Still, I wonder, is love for a pet an acceptable inspiration for music? When we’ve lost family members or friends, the emotions have been rather too deep for me to express in song. Maybe this gentler loss will be something I can work with.

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