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Starting Monday morning, September 25, defordmusic.com will be unavailable for a bit.

It’s getting a facelift. It should take 10 minutes, but things that are supposed to take ten minutes often take days instead. So this is advance warning… if you need something before then, now’s your chance.

See you on the other side!

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Links aren’t underlined here. There are too many of them, and all the underscoring would eventually give you a headache.

Links are blue until you click them, and green after you’ve visited them. When you hover your mouse over a link, underlining appears.

All recordings here can be streamed; most can be downloaded free (128Kbps). The exceptions are those taken from commercial albums.

There are several ways to listen:

  • MP3 players are found on individual song pages. Click the recording you want, hit “play” and you’re rolling.
  • Free MP3 downloads (128Kbps) are available on individual song pages. Recordings change occasionally here–if there’s a recording you’re particularly fond of, be sure to download the file.
  • The MP3 Playlists page features various topics and performers, in radio-style playlists, as well as a playlist of every song available.
  • YouTube videos are also found on some (not all) of the individual song pages.
  • 320Kbps MP3 files are available for purchase here. (They’re also listed on song pages.) Purchase includes a license to copy/distribute for non-commercial use, on any physical medium. See the FAQ for more information.

I’m glad you dropped in, and I’d love you to stay, but I’d like to save you some time and frustration if something you’re searching for isn’t here to be found.

All the music here was written by yours truly. In a very few cases, some songs were written in collaboration with other writers.

If you’re looking for music by other composers, you’re not likely to find it here. The same is true for rap, blues, disco, rock, metal, country, hip-hop, trance, reggae… you get the idea. You also won’t find songs from Broadway musicals, popular radio, Disney (or any other) movies, or secular music in general.

While we’re on the subject of what you won’t find here… I get a kick out of some of the search terms that show up on my search engine stats. Some searches are just too fun to keep to myself, so just for grins, here’s a list of Amusing Searches I’ve collected over the years.

If what you want isn’t here try…

Sheet Music Plus.
They have just about everything, secular and sacred
Free LDS Sheet Music
for free, downloadable religious music.

The FAQ link in the menu bar above is your best bet for help. You’ll find answers there to tons of questions that apply to the site, and hopefully the information you need will be included.